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My name is August Kopf and I create and sell these historically correct replicas under the name of our Club of military history. We make mainly WW2 and pre-WW2 replicas of equipment, manuals, games and items of soldier's daily need.

Everyone has the ability to create something, which makes our hobby much more realistic. I know great tailors and also great bootmakers, I have met many great specialists on WW2 era and specialists on the life of squad. Therefore I decided to make some small items which could boost the WW2 era atmosphere on our Living History actions. As much as I can, I try to do these reprints in the highest quality and much accurate to the original item. Such that I can see application of these works also in museums or exhibitions.

If you have any questions about items or shipping, please contact me. I would like some feedback from you too, please use contact page for that.

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Small preview of our works

20.8.2016 Get your diploma now!

Today we published new products! Four types of german certificates:

- popular Infanterie-sturmabzeichen

- terrifying Winterschlacht am Osten

- heroic Niederkampfen von Panzerkampfwagen

- neccessary Beförderung (promotion) certificate

Search here for details.

30.6.2016 We finishing designing of wartime posters.

Recently we started to retouching and upgrading wartime posters.

First tasting is ready.

Click here.

18.5.2016 New Scho-ka-kola stickers,

Yesterday we got a great delivery of new Scho-ka-kola stickers in two wariants: Year 1939 and Year 1940. Both with nice and specific background colors.

Very easy to handling.

Order here :)

19.3.2016 Signal converter,

Let me introduce you our simple image service: PhotoToSignal magazine converter! It is based on famous German Signal magazine cover. Magazine was published by german army and often shows soldiers and equipment on a title page.

It's free online tool, mostly for fun.


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