Kamaradenhilfe Sewing Kit - premium set

Price 21.99€

Popular soldier's sewing kit for basic field repairs of clothes. Including nadelmappe and other extras. Metal reproduction army shirt-, trousers- and zelt buttons are included together with two 5x5 cm feldgrau wool patches.
Perfect item for your breadbag.
Goliath Sd.Kfz. 303 instruction manuals

Price 19.99€

Unique reproduction of original manuals for Sd.Kfz. 303 in A5 format. To be included in demolition device.
Includes 2 manuals D654-10 (instructions) and D654-11 (parts description +ilustrations). Contains also some information about Sd.Kfz. 302.
Feldgendarmerie Tagebuch

Price 9.99€

Useful police personal pocket book in C6 format.

Includes 32 preprinted form pages for keeping records.
Wehrmacht Pipe set

Price 14.99€

A new pipe made of nice pie-cherry wood, chosen to represent a commonly available pipe used during WW2. Very nice addition to your impression. Comes in popular paper wrapper.
Cleaning tool is made in Czech rep.. New item, not used.
Sportanzug M32 - PREORDER

Price 39.00€

New army Sport shirt & shorts (Sporthemd und Sporthose model 32). White shirt with large BEVO patch and black canvas shorts.

Clothes are made and completized in central Europe. DEFINITELY READ MORE! :)
Office pencil set (choose WH, LW, KM or SS)

Price 14.99€

Cheap solution for improving your field desk impression. These 10 pencils and 2 rulers will make your desk nicely detailed. Metal case is included.

Available in 4 different army variants - pick the most suitable for you.
Mapcase pencil set (choose WH, LW, KM or SS)

Price 5.99€

Cheap solution for filling your Kartentasche with some useful content.

5 pencils and 1 ruler avialable in 4 different army variants - pick the most suitable for you.
Marschleistung Schablone - marching ruler

Price 6.99€

This tiny tool will help you to estimate approximate marching duration of your infantry or cavalry unit. Handy item for pocket wear or storing in Mapcase.
A must have tools for map reading.
Poster 85x60cm Volkssturm

Price 24.00€

Useful poster from end-war era in huge size.

Retouch of original poster.

3x Posters 85x60cm - Beautiful SET Norwegen

Price 59.00€

Interesting Norway based posters, calling for old tradition and volunteers. All three make great set for your display. Printed on thick paper.

Retouch of original posters.

Posters measurements: 85 x 60cm (33,5″ x 23,5″)