Weihnachten Mystery Box - Freund Jürgen

Price 19.00€

Package "friend Jürgen" represents a feldpost package from your homeland friend with whom you spent so wonderful school times. Although Jürgen was not suitable for military service, he did not forgot about his friend in trenches.
Overall retail price is more than 25€. Definitely read more and check details.
Weihnachten Mystery Box - Deutsches Reich

Price 49.00€

Package from the fatherland represents a ruling party Christmas gift. The propaganda center is trying to keep morale very high, so the package is likely to contain national party motives as well.
Overall retail price is more than 65€. Definitely read more and check details.
Weihnachten Mystery Box - reiche Tantchen

Price 79.00€

Package "reiche Tantchen" (or "richy Aunty") represents a bigger feldpost package for beloved nephew for Christmas, just before heavy winter start. You always enjoy your aunty's packages, but this Christmas it will be the best!
Overall retail price is more than 99€. Definitely read more and check details.
Herrca Wundwatte

Price 1.99€

Reproduction of medical package, filled by parts of watte pads. Very nice and cheap solution for making your medical table and pouches filled.
Price is per one item.
Kaffee sack Dimo 125g - 4pcs

Price 5.99€

Interesting packages of imported Kaffee. Packages are empy, so fill them with 125g of roasted coffee beans :)

Set contains 4 sacks.
Wehrmacht Field Stove additional fuel 20x4g

Price 6.50€

Additional box of fuel tablettes. Includes new and working fuel. Authentic look.

Includes 20x4g tablettes.
Wehrmacht Field Stove - complete set - SPECIAL PRICE

Price 9.99€

Handy Wehrmacht folding field stove for heating and simple cooking.
This product contains metal folding stove in WW2 era package, including new quality fuel in WW2 era package. We are currently the only seller that provides this complete set. Enjoy your loyalty!
Erbswurst soup label set 10x

Price 5.99€

Nicely designed labels of Erbswurst Erbsensuppe (pea soup) packages. Measures cca. 8x9cm, to fit original package. This soup was produced for almost 130 years, until 2018 when the production has stopped.
Set contains 10 labels.
Army can opener

Price 1.77€

(Old Price 5.90€)

Handy postwar multipurpose can opener. Comes from military storages, might have small signs of surface rust. Not marked. Fits easily to your pocket, breadbag or mess-kit.
Size: 14cm. Made of fine 2mm steel. Check detailed photos.
Can opener small round

Price 0.87€

(Old Price 2.90€)

Small and handy postwar can opener. Not used, comes from military storages. Marked "WEEKEND". The pinhole allows it to be worn on a keyring.

Longer side is 4cm long. Check more photos for size comparison.