Blitz-pikett Nr.0 cards

Price 9.10€

(Old Price 13.00€)

Exact replica of wartime german playing cards. Standard set of 32 cards.

Detailed package design, also it is water-resistant.
SALVO - U.S. Navy Sea Battle game

Price 14.00€

A game of skill and excitement. First allied paper game in our stock. As original title says "Mail one of these games to someone in the armed forces."

Contains 30 game paper sheets.
Kartenspiel Quartett - Wehrmacht 1939

Price 19.00€

A very rare version of the card game with Wehrmacht topic.

Pack contains 48 cards. 4 cards in 12 categories (eg. Pioniere, Schnelle Truppen, Handwaffen, Nebeltruppe etc.).

Price 39.00€

Very unconventional boardgame from Verlag Kopf production. This is the first large game for 4 players.

Should be fun game - singing and money (pfennig) collecting are part of the game.
Das Belagerungs-Spiel

Price 19.00€

Very stylish board game for two players based on "fuchs und henne" game rules.

Comes with 26 playing pieces and with simple package, very suitable for trench life.
Adler Luftwaffenspiel

Price 49.00€

Great board game for two players. Dimensions, colors, rules, playing figures - everything made according to original one. The aim is to defense own city and attack the another from the air.
We worked very hard to make this possible.
Gulaschkanone spiel

Price 39.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
Great board game for two players. Dimensions, colors, rules - everything made according to original one.

You have unique opportunity to play this game after 70 years again.
LUDO oder Wer Pech Hat!

Price 17.10€

(Old Price 19.00€)

Reproduction of original version of the World most famous board game for 2-4 players.
Includes: handy pocket-size package, 16 figures, 1 black die, game plan 20x20cm and game instructions.