Cleaning brushes set 3pcs

Price 11.99€

Soldier's brushes. Small and handy sizes makes them suitable to wear in breadbag or rucksack. Each type has different fiber density. All new, unused - great for start.
3x Postwar army surplus brushes stamped with period stamp.
Genuine comb in cardboard holder

Price 5.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
Nice old genuine comb from old stocks. Cardboard holder is reproduction.

Pocket size 12,5cm. Ridge of dense and sparse halves.
Towel - Heer

Price 3.49€

Small towel, thin cloth stamped with eagle (prewar version does not include forbidden symbols). Thin material and small size make it suitable as hand-towel.

Easy to pack and carry in breadbag. Size 50x70cm.
Wehrmacht condoms package

Price 3.50€

(Old Price 5.00€)

Simple set of three wrappers.

The title says "Only for German Army. Destroy immediately after use."
Toilettenpapier Westfalia label set 10x

Price 5.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
Old toilet paper labels Westfalia.
Nice detail for your reenactment purpose.

Contains 10x labels (without paper).
Feinwasche Laundry detergent

Price 4.00€

Popular laundry detergent "Feinwasche" for uniforms. Paper box made of special hardpaper.

Comes empty, with opened top side.

Price 4.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
Washing powder box made of special hardpaper for long duration.

Top side is open for you to fill with your favorite powder.
Dreiring-Seife Handstück soap + box

Price 3.99€

Dreiring Soap freshly made by us, in nice box made of finest quality paper.

Handy water-resistent box. Check the nice brand design of the soap.
Dreiring-Seife Doppelstück box

Price 3.50€

Soap box made of finest quality paper. Double size for two hard soaps (Doppelstuck = two pieces).

Contain one piece of water-resistent box. (Photo for comparison of single and double box.)
Toothpaste label sticker type.3 Chlorodont

Price 2.90€

Interesting toothpaste Chlorodont, made in bigger size than another two types.
Toothpaste label sticker type.2 Nivea

Price 2.90€

Another great Nivea product. Very popular old ones. Great sticker for your retro tube.
Toothpaste label sticker type.1 Doramad

Price 2.90€

Very interesting german toothpaste Doramad Radioaktive Zahncreme. I will rather do not investigate what the Radioaktive means in this case :) Great sticker for your retro tube.
Foot powder bag (Fusspuder)

Price 3.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
WW2 era foot powder suitable for soldier's use. Comes in small pocket made of hard paper, and varnish for slight waterproofing.

Measurements: cca 10 x 13 cm