Genuine comb in cardboard holder

Price 5.00€

Nice old genuine comb from old stocks. Cardboard holder is reproduction.

Pocket size 12,5cm. Ridge of dense and sparse halves.
Towel - Heer

Price 3.49€

Small towel, thin cloth stamped with eagle (prewar version does not include forbidden symbols). Thin material and small size make it suitable as hand-towel.

Easy to pack and carry in breadbag. Size 50x70cm.
Nadel-mappe needle set

Price 10.50€

Custom pouch contains pack of sewing needles and replacement buttons. Great filler for your breadbag. Printed on durable cardboard.
Handy folding wrapper contains about 20 different needles. Adding few WW2 era buttons.
Wehrmacht condoms package

Price 3.50€

(Old Price 5.00€)

Simple set of three wrappers.

The title says "Only for German Army. Destroy immediately after use."
Toilettenpapier Westfalia label set 10x

Price 5.00€

Old toilet paper labels Westfalia.
Nice detail for your reenactment purpose.

Contains 10x labels (without paper).
Feinwasche Laundry detergent

Price 4.00€

Popular laundry detergent "Feinwasche" for uniforms. Paper box made of special hardpaper.

Comes empty, with opened top side.

Price 4.00€

Washing powder box made of special hardpaper for long duration.

Top side is open for you to fill with your favorite powder.
Dreiring-Seife Handstück

Price 3.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
Soap box made of finest quality paper. For one hard soap (Handstuck).

Handy water-resistent box.
Dreiring-Seife Doppelstück

Price 3.50€

Soap box made of finest quality paper. Double size for two hard soaps (Doppelstuck = two pieces).

Contain one piece of water-resistent box. (Photo for comparison of single and double box.)
Toothpaste label sticker type.3 Chlorodont

Price 2.90€

Interesting toothpaste Chlorodont, made in bigger size than another two types.
Toothpaste label sticker type.2 Nivea

Price 2.90€

Another great Nivea product. Very popular old ones. Great sticker for your retro tube.
Toothpaste label sticker type.1 Doramad

Price 2.90€

Very interesting german toothpaste Doramad Radioaktive Zahncreme. I will rather do not investigate what the Radioaktive means in this case :) Great sticker for your retro tube.
Foot powder bag (Fusspuder)

Price 3.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
WW2 era foot powder suitable for soldier's use. Comes in small pocket made of hard paper, and varnish for slight waterproofing.

Measurements: cca 10 x 13 cm