Army can opener

Price 1.77€

(Old Price 5.90€)

Handy postwar multipurpose can opener. Comes from military storages, might have small signs of surface rust. Not marked. Fits easily to your pocket, breadbag or mess-kit.
Size: 14cm. Made of fine 2mm steel. Check detailed photos.
Can opener small round

Price 2.32€

(Old Price 2.90€)

Small and handy postwar can opener. Not used, comes from military storages. Marked "WEEKEND". The pinhole allows it to be worn on a keyring.

Longer side is 4cm long. Check more photos for size comparison.
Paper bag for menthol candies

Price 1.52€

(Old Price 1.90€)

Empty bag for menthol Böhmerwald Pastillen, candies. Nice detail for your impression. Keep these always with you, to prevent sore-throat.
One bag in the price.
Luftwaffe pilot's mirror Blendspiegel

Price 35.10€

(Old Price 39.00€)

Early war Luftwaffe rescue navigation accessory for flight crew. A very unique reproduction of Luftwaffe gear.
Identical marking, proper size and weight. Comes in canvas pocket, with attaching cord. Metal plate contains instruction sheet same as the original one.
Luftwaffe Schiessfibel Horrido!

Price 4.50€

(Old Price 9.00€)

Officially Horrido - Des Jaegers Schiessfibel, is the rare and famous german collectors tutorial for pilots.
Contains funny illustrations with captions on 35 pages.
Pervitin - set of 6x 1ml ampoules for syringe

Price 20.30€

(Old Price 29.00€)

New authentic replica of pervitin package contains 6 ampoules with liquid solution for syringes. Filled with water for movies and expositions.

Approx. box size: 80x60x15 mm.
Frostschutzsalbe - Frost protection tin (medic)

Price 4.41€

(Old Price 4.90€)

New tin for frost protection cream. A must have item for soldaten involved in Russian campaign.
Diameter 6cm. Comes empty. Volume is cca. 50g, so after filling it should be enough for many events.
Premium Wehrmacht doctor Pervitin package

Price 18.90€

(Old Price 27.00€)

Authentic replica of pervitin box with transportation cover. Comes empty!
This is larger tube that should not be missing in any doctor equipment.

Includes one tube with instruction sheet in wooden package.
Slovak belt Buckle WW2

Price 47.20€

(Old Price 59.00€)

New product from Slovak supplier. 100% authentic reproduction of Slovak belt buckle used in World War II. Comes in shiny brass variant.
The manufacturer has made a lot of effort and there are no other top-quality replicas of this belt buckle on the market!!!
HELMBAND M36 set of 10pcs

Price 116.99€

(Old Price 129.99€)

Two-color helmet strap for training purposes. Used on military maneuvers.

Set contains 10 pieces for whole Gruppe. There is 10% discount.
Cleaning wicks set 8pcs

Price 1.50€

(Old Price 3.00€)

Set of cleaning wicks for any weapon.

Set contains 8 bundles.
Wehrmacht condoms package

Price 3.50€

(Old Price 5.00€)

Simple set of three wrappers.

The title says "Only for German Army. Destroy immediately after use."
Paulener Beer Bottle label 30er

Price 5.60€

(Old Price 7.00€)

Unique stickers for your authenticity.

Includes 4 stickers.
Blitz-pikett Nr.0 cards

Price 9.10€

(Old Price 13.00€)

Exact replica of wartime german playing cards. Standard set of 32 cards.

Detailed package design, also it is water-resistant.
Medical tag - Kranke / Diseased

Price 1.20€

(Old Price 2.00€)

Medical tags worn by soldiers through (second) button hole, possibly in hospitals, lazarets. Tags are correctly perforated in three lines.

One piece in the price.

Price 27.30€

(Old Price 39.00€)

Very unconventional boardgame from Verlag Kopf production. This is the first large game for 4 players.

Should be fun game - singing and money (pfennig) collecting are part of the game.
Complete set of Soldaten Liederbuch

Price 18.90€

(Old Price 21.00€)

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
Since now you are able to create the most authentic look of your historical reenactment group. We have prepared all of three songbooks from a set "Das Neue Soldaten Liederbuch".
Set contains three songbooks and a small gift - Lili Marleen with lyrics.
Evangelisches Feldgesangbuch

Price 6.30€

(Old Price 9.00€)

Evangelical songbook - issued by Wehrmacht. Last few pieces before new batch, enjoy discount.

Contains 96 pages. Let's look on detail photos.
Reissued vz.32 Luftschutz helmet size M

Price 139.50€

(Old Price 155.00€)

Original steel war helmet, model used since 1932 by Czechoslovak army. Germany reissued some of these helmets for Luftschutz units.
Restored condition: khaki color, new quality liner and chinstrap. Overpainted by luftschutz color and quality decal applied.