Handbooks, manuals,<br/>songbooks
Set of 8 different skills booklets [PREORDER]

Price 57.60€ (Old Price 64.00€)

Set contains 8 useful repro booklets in uniform look.

Booklets contain very different topics, that are crucial for good reenacting knowledge and personal impression.
Handbooks, manuals,<br/>songbooks
Set of 9 weapon usage/description booklets [PREORDER]

Price 51.30€ (Old Price 57.00€)

Set contains 9 repro booklets in uniform look.
Booklets contain description, usage, cleaning, calibers and other information about most known german weapons from WW2.
Some of the booklets contain large last page with blueprints.
Handbooks, manuals,<br/>songbooks
Set of 6 terrain orientation/description booklets [PREORDER]

Price 43.20€ (Old Price 48.00€)

Set contains 6 important repro booklets in uniform look.
Booklets contain fundamental information about how to behave in the field, how to estimate distances, how to measure distances and how to record notes and maps. We recommend to buy this set together with Meldeblocks for exercise.
Handbooks, manuals,<br/>songbooks
Set of 3 army uniforms/badges booklets [PREORDER]

Price 31.50€ (Old Price 35.00€)

Very rare set containing 3 unique repro booklets. It's almost impossible to collect all three original booklets, so we offer you this unique opportunity.
Booklets contain interesting information about three army structures: heer, luftwaffe and kriegsmarine (illustrated badges, uniforms etc.).
Handbooks, manuals,<br/>songbooks
Set of 4 unit structure/commanding booklets [PREORDER]

Price 28.80€ (Old Price 32.00€)

Set contains 4 repro booklets in uniform look.

Booklets contain interesting information about unit commanding, marching, building formations and much more.
Handbooks, manuals,<br/>songbooks
Heinz Denckler Full Set 33 + 2 blocks<br>[PREORDER DISCOUNT]

Price 224.10€ (Old Price 249.00€)

It is great pleasure to offer these booklets once again after 80 years. It is satisfying that in few years we were able to collect all of these valuable and exceptional books and now we can offer the knowledge to you in a fractional price. Help us with your preorder to make this possible. Click for more details.
Other accessories,<br/>metallic hardware
HELMBAND M36 set of 10pcs

Price 117.00€ (Old Price 130.00€)

Two-color helmet strap for training purposes. Used on military maneuvers.

Set contains 10 pieces for whole Gruppe. There is 10% discount.
Weapon related items
Cleaning wicks set 8pcs

Price 1.50€ (Old Price 3.00€)

Set of cleaning wicks for any weapon.

Set contains 8 bundles.