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Postcards set #3 Muttertag (2 pcs.)

Price 3.00€

A very gentle pair of postcards for Mother's day.

Very suitable for our mothers in reenactment hobby.
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Feldpost Schach - Dame - Mühle

Price 9.00€

Absolutely authentic german feldpost game "Für unsere Soldaten die Drei beliebten Spiele" which means "Three popular games for our soldiers". Comes with authentic envelope with preprinted form.
Click on detail and compare with original one!
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Postcards set #2 Weihnachten (10 pcs.)

Price 11.00€

A beautiful set of Christmas Feldpost postcards. Set includes 10 various postcards with Christmas theme. We chose the really most beautiful wartime drawings.

Includes years 1942, 1944 and some neutral without specified year.
Feldpost items
Postcards set #1 (10 pcs.)

Price 9.00€

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
A beautiful set of Feldpost postcards. Set includes 10 various postcards.