Weapon related items
Mauser 8x57 stripper clip set

Price 18.00€

Set of army loading clips (7,92x57) suitable for K98. Set contains 6 empty replacement pieces for one pouch.

Production year 1950, identical to WW2 pieces. Perfectly fits, see photos.
Weapon related items
Cleaning wicks set 8pcs

Price 1.50€ (Old Price 3.00€)

Set of cleaning wicks for any weapon.

Set contains 8 bundles.
Weapon related items
Sportlederfett label sticker

Price 1.50€

Label for Lederfett (leather grease) tin. Lederfett is very common for all reenactors to keep our equipment in good condition, therefore we keep the tins with us in nice and correct vintage design.
Weapon related items
2x Airgun (Luftgewehr) target

Price 2.00€

Exact reproduction of two target types. Measurements:
DJ: 140x140mm
CZ: 165x155mm