Brotbeutel set #2

Brotbeutel set #2

Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2Brotbeutel set #2

Category: Equipment sets

Item #409

This interesting breadbag set includes all the items displayed on the photos. The breadbag itself is of 1960 green production made, have correct material, color and texture. We also include replacable original buttons. Enjoy some of the most popular items in our portfolio in one convenient set. Also notice the special part - original bakelite grinder Tramp.

Set includes:
- postwar green breadbag with small differences to wartime, good condition
- 5pcs replacable original buttons
- kaffee grinder Tramp (perfect condition) with sack for coffee
- full scho-ka-kola tin in vintage box
- knäckebrot package for bread, empty
- original wartime matchboxes in metal cover
- reproduction of wartime pocket playing cards
- sewing kit reproduction
- some postcard to fill

Price 145.00€

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