Adler Luftwaffenspiel

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Very precise reproduction. Luftwaffenspiel is another of Verlag Hugo Gräfe games (No102E) with clear purpose: to teach a new german generation about the war. Many of games were made in very attractive design and with interesting game-rules.

This game for two players, should clarify to German youth the role of each war factors: artillery defense, barrage balloons, bombers and the important role of Luftschutz units.

Original package includes instructions on four pages. It is quite definite, despite that the game creates several situations where the rules must be agreed between the players.
Our game includes translated instructions in three versions: German, English and Slovak.

Tha game is played with 6 dices (AA guns, bombers, fighters, bombing and Luftschutz). Every player has 12 wooden airplanes.

The inside of the box is atypically cardboard divided into individual parts, where are stored figures for both players and dices.

Dimensions, colors, rules - everything made according to original one.

This is what makes our games perfect:
  • box is made exactly according to original, cornes are tinkered manually
  • retouched front label in nice high quality
  • translation of original instruction sheet into another two languages
  • genuine cut of game board
  • retouching of whole game board and printing on resistant surface
  • vector based laser cuts of playing figures
  • lasering and milling the special playing die
  • manual colloring of dices and playing figures

  • 1 game-plan
  • 6 dices, 24 colored playing figures
  • 4 spare figures (in case of loss or damage)
  • rules in three language versions (EN, DE, SK)

Estimated game duration: 60-90min.

So, let's enjoy!

Price: 44.10€ (Old Price 49.00€)

Adler LuftwaffenspielAdler LuftwaffenspielAdler LuftwaffenspielAdler LuftwaffenspielAdler LuftwaffenspielAdler LuftwaffenspielAdler Luftwaffenspiel

Price: 44.10€ (Old Price 49.00€)