Medical set #2

Medical set #2

Medical set #2Medical set #2Medical set #2Medical set #2Medical set #2

Category: Medical/sani sets

Item #412

Medium set of combined original and accurate repro medical items. Ideal combination for you sanitary impression, DRK station or field hospital. This items will fill full desk and create a perfect impression.

This medium bundle set includes:
- 1x genuine steriliser (slightly postwar production)
- aluminium rack for testing glass
- 12x test tubes
- 2x Chloramine puder bottles (org. military glass)
- 1x Spir. Natur brown bottle (org. military glass)
- 1x genuine 1ml syringe in repro box
- 2x Wundwatte Herrca
- 2x Mullbinde 10cm package
- 2x Stamigen ampoules
- 3x Brandbinde box
- 3x Burn Brandbinde box incl. instruction leaflet

Overall retail price is more than 170€.

Price 149.00€

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